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International Stylist and Image Consultant

 “Be yourself be your own style”


Image consultancy is all about delivering individuality without limitation while encouraging one to accomplish his or her full potential.

Edith has earned her professional experience with numerous prestigious companies in both London and Hong Kong. Edith’s expertise includes hair and beauty services, wardrobe advisory and image creation.

Her mission is helping busy professionals to save time and money to create their best image by teaching them the essential skills of how to dress to impress in order to have the confidence to stand out, get recognised and make an impact in their personal and professional life. Edith has worked with many busy professionals helping them solve this constant problem of having very little time for themselves and works with them to help them eliminate the wasted money spent on impulse buys. When you look good you feel good and when you feel good it shows in your professional life and you reach new levels of success with your new found confidence.

Edith has almost 20 years experience in the image styling industries and creative education. She offers a wide range of services in group or one to one including HAIR & MAKE-UP, PERSONAL STYLING AND PERSONAL SHOPPING.


Edith can help but not limit to 

  • FASHION STYLING AND CREATIVE DIRECTION (please visit her fashion styling website )

Edith places high importance on working with a Stylist and Image Consultant because a different person wearing the same outfit can look completely different depending on body shape and colour. There is no one size fits all for everyone when it comes to personal style. Clothes should  reflect the best version of you so you can show up in the best possible way for success. This can be achieved through Edith’s bespoke services where she will work with you to discover your desired style and ensure you have a wardrobe full of clothes that best reflect your lifestyle and personality and are in the correct styles and colours to suit your body shape, skin tone hair and eye colour. You will be left with a wardrobe you love instead of dreading getting dressed for work.

Imagine waking up every morning excited for the day ahead, knowing that your wardrobe is filled with items you look forward to wearing and outfits prepared for you. No longer is there that stress of deciding what to wear and wasted energy starting your day up wrong. You are showing up to work as the best version of you, feeling successful and ready to attract more success in your profession.


Wardrobe Analysis 

Who is it for?

If any of the following applies to you then Edith is here to help:
– You work in a respectable company or run a business but your outfits are not
professional enough for your career or representing you in the way you want to be represented
– You need an image upgrade or you are trying to figure out your signature style
– Always tend to wear the same colours
– Always tend to wear the same styles
– Not sure what styles in your wardrobe suit your body shape the most
– Are bored of your current image and want to update it
– Not sure how to mix and match outfits to get the most out of your wardrobe
– Have items in your wardrobe you rarely or never wear
– Are on a budget and don’t have money to spend on new outfits or are on a
limited budget and want advice on what items are missing from your current
– Have a wardrobe full of clothes yet still feel you always have nothing to wear
– Have a messy wardrobe and just need a good tidy up so things can be found

– Need help putting together an outfit for an upcoming occasion


WHY IS IMAGE SO IMPORTANT? Image is a silent communicator and the best investment in YOU.


ENQUIRY FOR PRICE DETAIL SEND AN EMAIL OR SET UP A PHONE CONSULTATION : Edith will discuss your goals and offer you the best advice to help you save time and money to create a personal style that is confident, unique, and timeless.

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