International Image Consultant & Stylist, Personal Shopper

Edith Chan

Personal Styling + Hair + Make-up

Cambio de imagen total


Consultoría de Imagen+ Peluquería + Maquillaje

 Edith Chan International Image Consultant / Stylist / Personal Shopper

 “Be yourself be your own style”

Personal Shopper

Image consultancy is all about delivering individuality without limitation while encouraging one to accomplish his or her full potential.

Edith Chan has almost 20 years experience in the image styling industry and creative education. She styled for celebrities including Leonardo DiCaprioAmerica’s Next Top Model Nicole Linkletter, Annie Liu Xin-you, Angelababy, Manvela Vells and many more.

She offers a wide range of services in group workshops, one on one training for companies or individual private clients.

Edith Chan can help but not limit to 
  1. Hair and Make-up
  2. Personal Branding & Photography
  3. Bridal Image Consulting
  4. Wardrobe Analysis
  5. Personal Shopping
  6. Colour Consultation
  7. Style Consultation

Edith Chan

Apart working as an Image Consultant and Personal Shopper. She is also a Fashion Stylist and Creative Director works with magazines, TV and films, look books and commercials at her Stylogy Studio.

WHY IS IMAGE SO IMPORTANT? Image is a silent communicator and the best investment in YOU.

She will discuss your goals and offer you the best advice to help you to create a personal style that is confident, unique, and timeless.

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