What is the difference between personal image and personal brand?

This blog post is for executives, entrepreneurs and anybody else who needs to be visible and therefore requires a personal public persona. What is your YOUR PERSONAL IMAGE AND PERSONAL BRAND – Whether you like it or not, in this digital age, everybody has a personal brand. If you have an account online such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or LinkedIn, then you already have a personal brand. A personal brand is the way in which people perceive you, and it’s your online reputation. Undoubtedly, people will judge you on how they see you online. If you apply for a job, …

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How to Have Healthy Hair and Style It On Your Own

Today, we are talking all about how you can have healthy hair and style it for the Holiday season. I am going to start by answering some of the questions that I typically hear a lot from clients in the Salon. I think this will be the best way to help you understand how to really care for your hair, especially in the colder winter months. Then, we can move on to some gorgeous holiday hairstyles that you can rock this Christmas! Here is what I am going to cover in this article: Am I using the right shampoo for …

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Feel Fabulous With These 3 Easy Christmas Makeup Looks

Around this time of year, there will be a lot of festive parties, and reasons to dress up and look your best, which is why I have prepared a few top tips for creating an amazing skincare routine and Christmas make-up looks for the holiday season. No good make-up tutorial should start without mentioning a good skincare routine. If your skin is super dry or extra oily, then whatever make-up you use will not set as well as it should on your face. I will highly recommend to you an intelligent line of Kripa Skin Frequency Spray Serums This skin-care products, formulated …

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Hair and make-up Makeover: Natasha new look

Edith Chan Image Consulting: Before and After Makeover

Edith Chan Image Consulting: Before and After Makeover (Natasha’s New Look and New Style) I am so excited to invite Natasha (mother and business owner) to write her “BACK TO ME MAKEOVER” experience. Following article is about the before and after makeover journey which I helped Natasha to create new look and new style for her Linkedin and website photos. Services include colour consultation, body shape analysis, hair & make-up and photography session. A guest blog post from Natasha: My mum is a fashion diva, is amazing with colours and loves shopping. Somehow I missed out on all of those …

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Guest blog post part three : Learning wear makeup

PART THREE – Learning to wear makeup (Guest blog)

Learning wear makeup This is a guest post from Candice on learning to wear make-up and developing a make-up routine Why is important learning to wear makeup? Last week, I talked about how Edith helped me choose clothes that go beyond black with her colour consultation, and how she cut my hair to make it more manageable and more professional. Today, I’m going to talk about how she helped me develop a makeup routine. If you haven’t checked out Parts 1 and 2, you might want to read those posts first! Here are the links: From urban cyclist to corporate executive– …

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