PART TWO (Guest post)

A new haircut for a new look

Last week, I talked about how Edith helped me choose clothes that go beyond black with her colour consulation. Today, I’m going to talk about how she cut my hair.

For years, I’ve kept my hair long and I’ve been trimming it myself. The ends were brittle and because my hair is somewhere between wavy and curly, it often ends up just looking frizzy. I never use product and I usually let it air dry. Occasionally, when I’m inspired, I straighten it. It was time for a change.

I didn’t want to cut it too short but I wanted something that was more manageable, so Edith convinced me that shoulder length was the way to go.

When she first chopped it all off, I was a little panicked. I have a lot of hair and it can get a little poufy. When cut shoulder length, I definitely had a serious triangle happening. But Edith is a pro. Because I have a lot of volume and a lot of hair, Edith created a lot of internal layers to lighten my cut. She also had this really cool technique where she twirled my hair around her fingers in the same direction as my natural curls to trim my hair in a way that appeared more natural. She also added minimal layers around the bottom to soften the edges so that the cut better framed my face.

Now my hair is much lighter and easier to manage. I received A LOT of compliments at work after I cut my hair. While I loved having it long, because it was so unkempt, I realise now that I definitely looked much younger and less polished. I feel as though I look more my age, and in a good way. It’s also great to have shorter hair in the summer heat of Madrid. Way more manageable, comfortable and professional all around.

Stay tuned for one more blog on how Edith helped look more professional while staying true to my personal style. Up next: Learning to wear makeup