Style Consultation

Have you ever noticed how some people always look effortlessly stylish? Looking good is all about understanding what suits YOU.

Edith will help you understand which styles flatter you and why, so you can select the clothes and accessories that suit your shape, your personality and your budget.

How It Works

A Style Consultation starts with a short questionnaire to define your “Style Personality”. Then Edith reviews your body shape and shows you which styles are most flattering. You will learn how to emphasize the parts you love and to disguise the parts you don’t! Advice covers everything including clothing styles, fabrics, patterns, hair styles, eyeglasses and accessories.

Edith covers everything from the top of your head down to your toes as well as places to shop to buy what you need! Everything is recorded in your own personalised style workbook so you will leave your consultation with the confidence of knowing how to look your best.

Edith will show you how to:

  • Select the most flattering styles and fabrics for your body shape
  • Express your personality through your wardrobe
  • Avoid shopping disasters, save time and  money
  • Develop a wardrobe that “works” for you
  • Always look up-to-date in the latest fashion trends
  • Discover which hairstyles, eyeglasses and accessories suit you

Duration: 90 mins

Call to book a free phone consultation or send a Whats App
+34 654 189 358

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